Short Update

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hello again! I know I was gone for years and now I'm back. I watch several movies recently and I will tell it to you. Okay, no more words, just pictures, here are the list of the movies I watched:



I only love several movies but I will not discuss about it right now. You can see it from the stars I give below the picture. The stars represent how much I love the movie.

Thank you.

Have a nice life!

Diablo 3 in WOW

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Have you ever played World of Warcraft? I remember when I was in my hometown. I always play World of Warcraft with my brother. I always use mage and he always use undead. We are alliance. We never be an enemy because I do not want to be so. Then we tried many code that worked to make us win. But now, when I was searching for an animated movie for kids, I found D3 Accounts for Sale . I am curious about what is this.

I know that there are people who wants to buy D3 accounts because I can see the traffic of the site. I just think that this guy must love game so much that her really spend his dollars to buy it. This site really sell Diablo 3 Accounts because they provide special page for it. Let’s just wait what is Diablo 3 and then see what it’s benefit for our hero in World of Warcraft.


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Saturday, January 2, 2010

After a really long holiday - which I didn't plan it - I will regularly update this blog again. Can't wait to see you guys.

Ga ngantor

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jadi critanya gini. Karna udah sakit tapi tetep sok sok an kuat. Tanpa minum vitamin dan jaga makanan dan istirahat cukup, maka badanku mulai kudeta.

Kemarin..hari yang indah dimana matahari tersenyum malu2 sehingga sang hujan mengunjungi lampung alias ngapel, aku merasakan gerakan gelombang yang tidak biasa. Ya! Aku mau pingsan! Inilah akibat dari merasa kuat tapi ga modal. Lho! Napa ga modal? Lha iya..wong makan aja ga selera (tapi kq tetep gemuk bu? Jawab: sudah talentaku), minum vitamin juga enggak. Jadilah sakit.

Tadi habis ke dokter, dia blg katanya aku sakit maag, dan itu mengakibatkan sakit kepala dan nggliyeng atawa mumet, atawa..tanya orang di sebelah anda,apa arti nggliyeng.

Hari ini jadi ijin. Kemarin pulang lbh cpt 1 jam. Kepala udah ga tahan lagi soalnya. Tapi walaupun hari ini mau istirahat, tetep ga bisa karna telpon berbunyi terus. Maklumlah, banyak fansnya. Bahkan detik trakhir sore menjelang malem mau tidurpun dikunjungi 2 orang teman. Well...well..

Hari ini aku dijenguk ama Jhon Heri and Dedi. Mreka bawa gorengan ama buah and roti. Sambil ngebahas natalan tanggal 19 nanti, kamipun ngemil. Selesai rapat, ko oscar nanya udah makan lom. Pastinya aku bilang lom. Kenyataannya aku lom makan.

Kami pergi ke aloy untuk mkn nasi campur favoritku. Pulang dari sana, aku nonton final destination 3. Syerem... Berhubung aku suka banget film ini and lom nonton yg ketiga. Aku nonton deh.

Sekarang lagi nonton smbl nunggu telpon dari ko oscar. Semangat!

Three Babies!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow! What a day! My best friend has just brought a baby girl to this world. I was thinking to buy her nap mat for her as a gift for the newborn baby. The baby is so cute so I want to buy her something pink. It will be beautiful. I have been browsing several sites about toddler backpacks too. So my plan is I want to buy her nap mat for her first birthday and then I am thinking to buy her toddler backpacks for the next birthday.

My other friends also born new baby boy so I am very busy with these things. One of my friend in Church is also having a baby. I guess this is a good month so everybody wants to bear their children this month. hahaha. Now, I am thinking to give them this kids backpacks too for their next birthday. This is a good stuff. It can be used. I love things which can be used rather than something cute just to be put on the board. So backpacks will be good. Ah, and also the nap mat.

Alzheimers Disease

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Have you ever watch movies titled A Moment to Remember? It is a Korean movie, but do not doubt about the quality, it is great. It tells us about a girl which has an Alzheimer disease. I forget whether it is a true story or not but it certainly made me cry every time I watch it. The girl suddenly forgets every memory she has day by day and minute by minute. It is frightening. I can not imagine if it is happening to me. My family will be suffered from pain and tears.

Dr Daniel Amen says that there is prevention from Alzheimers disease. We certainly can not change the disease and if we are suffered from that disease, there is no treatment could be applied to cure us. But since we are still healthy, we need to take care of our self more. We need to apply the right treat for us to prevent this disease. Any of you have a family with this disease? Please share with us.

Ad Aware 2009 Invitation

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Ad Aware 2009 are inviting all of their registered user to try their new edition next month. It is written by Scott M. Fulton, III in BetaNews that they need some help from those registered testers to the final beta test of Ad Aware 2009.

A Lavasoft representative have asked BetaNews to spread the word about Beta 3 of its 2009 edition of Ad-Aware, which was released last December 8 along with the company's latest Adware signatures. Would you be included?