Rugs for Fun

Posted by Ika Devita Susanti at 10:34 PM

Monday, September 29, 2008

Having rugs at home could give a plus point for your house environment. The living room, for example, it is beautiful if you have a match sofa with supporting sofa’s pillow and table. But it will be more beautiful if you could add a rug below the sofas and table. The material of rugs is varieties such as silk rugs, traditional wool rugs, and also contemporary wool rugs. Each kind of material could be use in different types of rooms.

Anyway, there are two kinds of rugs you could put at your home. Rugs to be put under your furniture and rugs to be put in all your floors of your rooms. It is called area rugs. Some of you might have been gone to a studio, some of them use area rugs. Area rugs could absorb the noise level in a room with hardwood or other hard surface floors. Besides absorbing the noise, area rugs could add warmth and charm to your room. That is really good, especially when you have four seasons at your country and you are in a winter.

Talking about area rugs, there is an online store who sells many varieties of rugs. From Oriental rug to Persian Rug, contemporary rug to traditional rug and European Rug to Native American rug designs are available on this store. In addition to the design of the area rug, the other things which are variable in varieties are the size of the area rugs. There are several common area rug sizes, 4x6, 6x9 and 9x11. We could choose which one is match to our home design.

If you have a really big rooms at home, you might browse for several cheap rugs to fulfill it all. When you are planning to buy a cheap rug, you must consider the material and also the use of that rug. You must think about which room will you decorate with rug and which part of the room it will be. This will help you maximize your decorating without spending to much money on it.

Sony Ericsson to finally roll out its subscription music service

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sony Ericsson's PlayNow Arena has just been given a boost, with a plan for unlimited downloads and an agenda to roll it out to wireless customers worldwide.

PlayNow Arena fully launched in the Scandanavian countries Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden in August, offering mobile entertainment content for Sony Ericsson users. The service uses a "cover flow" type interface to sell music, games, ringtones, and other phone content.

Today, the company announced the service, which has been in the works all year, will soon include an unlimited subscription option called PlayNow Plus, which will compete with Nokia's Comes with Music service. Like Verizon's V-Cast and Rhapsody partnership, the content is not limited to the user's phone, and can be obtained on a PC as well.

Naturally, Ericsson's homeland Sweden will be receiving the service first, through Telenor in the fourth quarter of 2008; and as PlayNow Arena expands to the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland, so too will worldwide rollouts of PlayNow Plus. Monthly subscription charges have not yet been detailed.

read more here.

Google Vs Yahoo

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Friday, September 19, 2008

I am doing my thesis about online communication now. It is connecting to messenger and internet. I am trying to keep in touch with any news about internet, technology, messenger and interpersonal communication.

lately i read the news about Google and Yahoo. The news is stated like this.

Google Inc.'s chief executive said Wednesday the Internet search leader won't delay its proposed advertising partnership with rival Yahoo Inc. even if government regulators need more time to assess whether the alliance will diminish competition.

I just wonder what will happen next.

The Lakehouse

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dr Kate Forester (Bullock), a lovely and lonely single woman, leaves a message for the next tenant of the house on the lake she’s just vacated asking him to forward her mail. When architect Alex Wyler (Reeves) moves in and reads the note, he believes the woman’s a loon. Her letter makes reference to paw prints by the front door that don’t exist and a box in the attic that’s simply not there. Instead of tossing the note, he writes her back – basically questioning her sanity.

Time passes by and they finally realize that they are living in a two different time. After then, they are trying to meet each other at a restaurant. Alex manages to meet Kate's 2004 , and finds a book for her that she left on a bench in 2004. However, the reverse doesn't seem to work. When the try to meet or talk on the phone at a certain time in 2006, it doesn't happen.

Kate seems give up and ask Alex to stop writing to her. unexpectedly, at 2006, she knows what has happened to alex. Why Alex did not come at that moment. She finnaly tries to protect alex to save Alex's life.

this movie is very brilliant and touchful. i can't stop crying and thinking while i was wacthing this movie. Until now, i still want to watch it. This is one of the brilliant movies i have ever watched.

so i give it 10/10

Asoy Geboy

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i watch this movie yesterday with my brother. It was very funny! unfortunately, there was many scene that was cut, so the watchers could not enjoy the movie very well.

Anyway, it tells a story of three boys from a small village: Didi (playboy), Asep (asthma boy) and Hilman (religious boy). three of them will go to the big city, Jakarta to continue their study at University.

They meet many different people there and also different culture and sociality. So, this is kind of a little cultural shock inside the country.

Could them be succeed fulfilling their dreams?

Asoy geboy, on Indonesian theatre now.