Alzheimers Disease

Posted by Ika Devita Susanti at 8:54 PM

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Have you ever watch movies titled A Moment to Remember? It is a Korean movie, but do not doubt about the quality, it is great. It tells us about a girl which has an Alzheimer disease. I forget whether it is a true story or not but it certainly made me cry every time I watch it. The girl suddenly forgets every memory she has day by day and minute by minute. It is frightening. I can not imagine if it is happening to me. My family will be suffered from pain and tears.

Dr Daniel Amen says that there is prevention from Alzheimers disease. We certainly can not change the disease and if we are suffered from that disease, there is no treatment could be applied to cure us. But since we are still healthy, we need to take care of our self more. We need to apply the right treat for us to prevent this disease. Any of you have a family with this disease? Please share with us.

Ad Aware 2009 Invitation

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Ad Aware 2009 are inviting all of their registered user to try their new edition next month. It is written by Scott M. Fulton, III in BetaNews that they need some help from those registered testers to the final beta test of Ad Aware 2009.

A Lavasoft representative have asked BetaNews to spread the word about Beta 3 of its 2009 edition of Ad-Aware, which was released last December 8 along with the company's latest Adware signatures. Would you be included?

Home Business articles

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I lately think that home business might be the perfect job for me. I like to spend my time with my whole family. I like to work with them and also cherish them with my jokes and supports. I was just thinking if I work out there and I was not at home, I will miss my family and I can not think clearly. Surely I have to learn to be independent but it certainly not now. I still feel homesick when I live far away from home. I still miss my mom and my dad when I go to college. Can you imagine? Going to my college spend only about 310 minutes and it only takes up to eight hours there but I already miss to be at home.

Facing this reality, I read this Home Business articles by Stone Evans. I was hoping that after I applied the right ways to build my business, I will be able to work from home. I will not be far away from my family and I still can help them whenever they need me.

Last Experiences

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I has just arrived from Malang and I have a huge information for you. Well, I am too exaggerating every thing but this is crucial - umm, not really - and you need to know about this.

1. In humid condition and weather, snail grows vastly in a huge amount. I found this out when I visited my second home and I found a lot of snails there. I feel "eeeuuwww!!" and I asked my brother to get rid of it. Umm.. I mean, I asked him to get those snails and put them out side our house.

2. The mushroom could be grown up in a fascinating amount and they are very beautiful. in a humid environment I once took their picture and was very glad to see it. They are really beautiful if I can tell you.

3. Flowers are more variated in a cold area. You see, at my home in Surabaya, the flowers are variated but it is not as much as my flowers in Malang. the colors and the shape is more beautiful there. You should go there once to make sure that I tell you the truth.

Alternator Leather Jackets

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Yesterday I went out of town for about three days and two nights. I went to Malang to visit my second home – where my mom and my dad will spend their time here on their vacation – to clean up that house. The last time I visited that home was two month ago which was yesterday becoming a house of forest. There were many snails and others animal which I can not mention it to you and there were also many wild mushrooms there.

But that’s ot the point. I was stunned when I saw many people use alternator leather jackets. I thought that it is the new style nowadays. I feel like I am outdated. When I drove across the main city and saw around, there are many people use it, especially them who use a motorcycle. I do not really like the style since it is for male and it is really “male” while I am not a male, so, I think, It must be my brothers turn to be updated with that style. Quite interesting!

Laughing Quadruplets

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Sony PS3 is now here!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hey! this is a good news for you who loves to play. It is about Play Station 3. As reported in Beta News, today, Sony announced that its PlayStation 3 virtual world Home will be officially opened tomorrow. It has been announced two years ago but all of your waiting time is over. tomorrow you will get what you want. Be ready guys!

EA game

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I had just read that EA game sales is weak. And their company adjusts the outlook to make it more interesting. it cost much for that decreases but they seems do not want to give up and they try hard to make it better. I hope they can reach what they want.

DVD Rental and Me

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I love to watch movies. No matter what the movie, s long as it is not a horror movie, I want to watch it. I especially love to watch a movie which based on a true story. I find it interesting because it is not only a fiction which people always know that most of the fiction is end with a happy ending. Some of them is absurd and some of them is forced to be ended like that. I am not a movie organizer. So I sometimes have difficulty to find the movie when I go to the rental. You know, I do not like to buy it on my own because several reasons.

The first is, I should spend much money for it while I do not have enough money to afford the movie I want to watch. The second is, I will only watch for twice and then I will just put it on the rack and that’s it. So, I think, It is not worth it for me to buy the DVD. When searching for a DVD on the rental, it is difficult to find the genre because they are scattered everywhere. I hope they have DVD catalog software. It will help a lot.

Cartoons and Japanese movies

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I am on my plan to watch several cartoon movie to support my activity. So, I am now watching Pingu (this is the movie I watch since I was in my junior high school age) and I also watch several Japanese serial movie to find and inspirations.

The Pacifier

Posted by Ika Devita Susanti at 6:29 PM

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I know that this is a very old movie, but so what? I like this movie. It is about a soldier which supposed to protect the family but yet he become a nanny for the children. He must do this to finish his duty. The children are very hate him before but after they know the truth that there are mean people who harm them, they finally obey the soldier's rule.

Vin Diesel are very handsome here... sorry, this is my personal opinion. I like him when he teach the children to be strong and do not give up to the situation. If you love Vin Diesel, this movie will make you fall in love deeper and deeper than before.