Three Babies!

Posted by Ika Devita Susanti at 12:15 AM

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow! What a day! My best friend has just brought a baby girl to this world. I was thinking to buy her nap mat for her as a gift for the newborn baby. The baby is so cute so I want to buy her something pink. It will be beautiful. I have been browsing several sites about toddler backpacks too. So my plan is I want to buy her nap mat for her first birthday and then I am thinking to buy her toddler backpacks for the next birthday.

My other friends also born new baby boy so I am very busy with these things. One of my friend in Church is also having a baby. I guess this is a good month so everybody wants to bear their children this month. hahaha. Now, I am thinking to give them this kids backpacks too for their next birthday. This is a good stuff. It can be used. I love things which can be used rather than something cute just to be put on the board. So backpacks will be good. Ah, and also the nap mat.