Diablo 3 in WOW

Posted by Ika Devita Susanti at 4:58 AM

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Have you ever played World of Warcraft? I remember when I was in my hometown. I always play World of Warcraft with my brother. I always use mage and he always use undead. We are alliance. We never be an enemy because I do not want to be so. Then we tried many code that worked to make us win. But now, when I was searching for an animated movie for kids, I found D3 Accounts for Sale . I am curious about what is this.

I know that there are people who wants to buy D3 accounts because I can see the traffic of the site. I just think that this guy must love game so much that her really spend his dollars to buy it. This site really sell Diablo 3 Accounts because they provide special page for it. Let’s just wait what is Diablo 3 and then see what it’s benefit for our hero in World of Warcraft.


Posted by Ika Devita Susanti at 8:34 PM

Saturday, January 2, 2010

After a really long holiday - which I didn't plan it - I will regularly update this blog again. Can't wait to see you guys.