The Lakehouse

Posted by Ika Devita Susanti at 4:47 AM

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dr Kate Forester (Bullock), a lovely and lonely single woman, leaves a message for the next tenant of the house on the lake she’s just vacated asking him to forward her mail. When architect Alex Wyler (Reeves) moves in and reads the note, he believes the woman’s a loon. Her letter makes reference to paw prints by the front door that don’t exist and a box in the attic that’s simply not there. Instead of tossing the note, he writes her back – basically questioning her sanity.

Time passes by and they finally realize that they are living in a two different time. After then, they are trying to meet each other at a restaurant. Alex manages to meet Kate's 2004 , and finds a book for her that she left on a bench in 2004. However, the reverse doesn't seem to work. When the try to meet or talk on the phone at a certain time in 2006, it doesn't happen.

Kate seems give up and ask Alex to stop writing to her. unexpectedly, at 2006, she knows what has happened to alex. Why Alex did not come at that moment. She finnaly tries to protect alex to save Alex's life.

this movie is very brilliant and touchful. i can't stop crying and thinking while i was wacthing this movie. Until now, i still want to watch it. This is one of the brilliant movies i have ever watched.

so i give it 10/10

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Unknown said...

fell in love with sandra bullock from the movie speed the first.

hope she will come up with another block buster